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Testing: Why Test?

Tests are used for two primary purposes- Screening and Development. Regardless of the use, tests provide objective data that aid in understanding the knowledge, skills, abilities or other characteristics that make up an individual. Understanding people allows you to make better hiring or promotion decisions, as well as to better target developmental activities. ROI Assessments include a wide range of assessment instruments that measure everything from specific knowledge, like understanding cost accounting, to less tangible personal characteristics, like cognitive abiltity or service orientation.

Testing for Screening

If you are hiring just one person, a good test can help you better understand the person you are hiring. Especially in high risk/ high cost situations, like management or executive selection, any additional data that helps to make the right decision is critical. Successful organizations take appropriate time and measures when filling key positions. Strong assessment tools are one source of additional information to fill in the knowledge gaps when hiring or promoting into higher level roles.

If you are hiring large numbers of people into more entry-level positions, a good test will save you time and money by pre-screening your candidates so that you spend time interviewing and pursuing those most likely to be successful if hired. The utility of using a solid assessment tool is multiplied by every associate you hire, whether in increased productivity, reduced turnover or heightened customer service.

Testing for Development

Surveys consistently demonstrate that opportunities for growth and development are key factors that attract people to specific companies and jobs. While providing such opportunities needs to be built into the human resource processes of a company, having useful tools is one key element. ROI Assessments provides a number of self-assessment tools with which individuals can look at their own career prefereces, leadership competencies and personal style. Output from such instruments provides insight and content for discussions around career choices, job placement and training priorities.

The Value of Testing

The value of using tests during the hiring process boils down to two main points: Tests are easy and efficient. Web-based delivery of tests, immediate scoring, and retrieval of results cuts the delivery time to almost nothing. Compared to conducting a face-to-face interview, tests are an incredible value. ROI Assessments are all well-developed and validated by major test publishing companies. The cost can range from $25 to $250 depending on the complexity of what you want to measure. Compared to both the time spent in personal interviews, and the subjectivity of interviews, assessments both speed up and appropriately focus the hiring, promotional or developmental process.

Tests bring objectivity and quality to important decisions. Improve your "hit rate" when hiring or promoting. Focus individual development efforts to the right areas. Both can rapidly improve the overall composition of your work force while limiting cost and time spent in bad decisions or misguided career development.

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